UPDATE 25/02/2022

As of today we suspend shipping with TNT and DHL due to extreme price hikes. It is unreasonable to pay 50-60 euro for a small package. Also the post office has caught up with demand, their delivery times are down to 7-10 business days for EU deliveries.


What do I need to import plants to my country?

FOR EU countries: Your package will arrive safely in a few business days depending on the shipping method you choose during checkout. 

OUTSIDE THE EU (USA, Asia, UK,South Africa etc): Please refer to our CITES/Phytosanitary page. Every country has their own rules of what is allowed to be imported or not. We are not responsible if your package is held or destroyed upon import by your country's custom agents. BUT we are reasonable, if customs returns the package back to us in one piece we will issue a refund. Also if you contact us to provide you with any paperwork needed to get the package we will do our best to help . 



The shipping cost is calculated during Checkout using the approximate weight of the plants. It includes packing and shipping cost.

If there is a difference in actual weight during packing that costs beyond 10% of the charge, you will be refunded the difference.

Shipping methods are

  • Regular Post office package (EU packages under 2Kg)
  • EPG  (EU packages over 2kg )
  • EMS (All packages outside EU)
  • DHL  (EU)
  • TNT (EU)
  • ACS courier (only for Greece)

For Cyprus, delivery is done with our own delivery trucks to your door. The driver will call you 1 hour ahead of delivery. Deliveries are done twice a week nation-wide.  

If you are ordering from outside the EU and want courier shipping (DHL/TNT) place an order and let us know via email by repling to your confirmation email .


The following are APROXIMATIONS the cost will be calculated during checkout

For European union:

Package Weight Cost # of cacti
0-500gr €8.00 3
501gr to 1 kg €10.00 6
1001gr to 1.5kg €15.00 10
1501gr to 2kg €20.00 13
2001gr to 3kg €25.00 20
3001gr to 4kg €30.00 26
4001gr to 5kg €35.00 33

(Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden) If your country is missing, contact us to investigate if we can ship to you. 

Update 25/5/2023: We no longer ship to the Netherlands.

 Outside European Union (EMS):

Package Weight Cost # of cacti
up to 1kg €26.00 6
1001gr to 2kg €30.00 13
2001gr to 3kg €35.00 20
3001gr to 10kg €85.00 66
10000gr to 20kg €150.00 133


(Bangladesh, Canada, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, United Kindom, Israel, Japan, Brazil, Chile, Thailand, Philippines) If your country is missing, contact us to investigate if we can ship to you. 

Very IMPORTANT. If you require a phytosanitary certificate you need to add it to your cart. It can be found here