About Us

Laccotripes Greenhouses, the parent company behind Cyprus Cactus, was founded in 1989 by Christos and Yiota Laccotripes. It began as a wholesale producer of ornamental plants. In mid 2000's our market was expanded to include succulents and cacti. 

Our passion is to grow with love and consistency an ever expanding collection of cacti and succulents  every season. Our mission is to deliver both locally and internationally. Consequently we launched our online store Cyprus Cactus in order to better serve you.

Cyprus Cactus’s collection now includes over 1000 species and cultivars of cacti and succulents. We're continually expanding our collection, enhancing and improving our website, and serving an extraordinary community of cactus and succulent lovers in every corner of the world. 

Our employees are committed daily to growing and shipping the best cacti and succulents available, with providing professional, friendly and knowledgeable customer service. 

The efficiency of our service and our customers support are the backbone of our business. These have enabled us to be one of the largest production units of cacti and succulents in the eastern Mediterranean with more than half a million of cacti and succulents in stock. We really appreciate your trust and sincerity since they drive us to further explore our knowledge and horizon in order to find new ways to provide you with our services!

From our family to yours, thank you! 


If you live in Cyprus or visit Cyprus on vacation we would love to have you visit our greenhouses. You can find us on the map below.


You can also contact us at