Phytosanitary certificate and CITES

Update 1/1/2024: Department of agriculture has increase the cost of the inspection for the phytosanitary to 60 euro.


Disclaimer: These are brief interpretations of the terms explained simply.

A note from the owners: 
"We are a small family business driven by passion and love for the plants we produce. From a moral standpoint we would NEVER sell sick plants and would NEVER sell endangered species obtained from nature. All of our plants are produced locally with love and care." -Laccotripes family
What is a phytosanitary certificate?

When you request a phytosanitary certificate, a government official will come and inspect your plants. If the plants pass the inspections, meaning they are free of pests and diseases, we will be given signed papers indicating the result of the inspection. These papers are sent attached on the outside of the box when we ship to you. 

What are CITES export papers?


CITES is a multination treaty for the protection of wild life. It is illegal to sell endangered species obtained from nature. When you request CITES exports papers from us, we will attach the necessary papers needed to indicate that what we export is NOT obtained from nature and it was produced by us at our greenhouses. 



  • Phytosanitary certificate: 60 Euro. 
  • CITES export papers: 10 Euro.

What do I need to import plants to my country?

The simple answer is. We DO NOT KNOW. Every country has their own rules of what is allowed to be imported or not. We are not responsible if you package is held or destroyed upon import by your country's custom agents. BUT we are reasonable, if customs returns the package back to us in one piece we will issue a refund. Also if you contact us to provide you with any paperwork needed to get the package we will do our best to help . 

UNOFFICIAL information of what is needed for every country

This information is purely based on previous experience and NOT a guarantee. You will have to contact your local authorities to be 100% sure of what paperwork is needed to import plants from us. 

European Union:

No paperwork is needed for any of the 27 European union countries 
Austria ,Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania , Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

Other Countries:

  • United States of America. USA requires phytosanitary certificate and CITES for all shipments containing plants.
  • United Kingdom. UK requires a phytosanitary certificate for all shipments containing plants.
  • Singapore. Requires a phytosanitary certificate and CITES for all shipments containing plants.
  • Thailand. Requires a phytosanitary certificate , CITES and a Non-GMO signed declaration from us.
  • Philippines. Requires a phytosanitary certificate , You also need to get a PERMIT from the department of agriculture in Philippines before you can import plants.
  • Bangladesh. Requires a phytosanitary certificate.
  • Israel. No steady requirements. We can ship to you but we are not responsible if it is refused/destroyed.
  • Serbia. We can ship to you but we are not responsible if it is refused/destroyed.
  • Japan. Requires phytosanitary certificate and CITES. BUT can still be refused. We are not responsible if it is refused/destroyed
  • Chile. Requires phytosanitary certificate.
  • South Africa. Requires phytosanitary 
  • Russia. Requires phytosanitary certificate
  • United Arab Emirates. UAE Requires phytosanitary certificate
  • Canada. Requires phytosanitary certificate. 

If your country is not mentioned contact us at to investigate if we can ship to you and offer advice on what requirements you might have to import plants to your country.